Se sont deux passages d'un article de la BBC réalisé en mars 2006.

"Over the following days and on ensuing trips to Morocco, the young, shy face of Mohammed VI would become very familiar indeed.

In fact most Moroccans probably spend more time with this face than anyone they actually know.
He looks down from billboards in the street and hangs in little frames from taxi rear-view mirrors.
Cafes show him drinking tea; butchers, slitting the throat of a sheep for the festival of Eid.
Fez-sellers have a photo of him in a fez.
Traditional outfitters show him shrouded in a hooded djellabah.
Western-style tailors have him dressed like Cary Grant.

"The usual deference is well-expressed in the big circulation French-language daily Le Matin, the paper where news means what the King visited, inspected or inaugurated yesterday.
And it is never just "the King", always "His Majesty the King, Mohammed VI, may God help him in his task..."
The King's instructions, orientations, appreciations and approval are systematically described as High instructions, High orientations, etc. etc. And it's High with a capital H

As I was about to fly home from Marrakech at the end of this last trip, I found myself driving along a splendid new avenue - long, wide and full of roses - where there were company headquarters and luxury hotels.
As I waited for some traffic lights to change, I noticed the street name.
Most countries wait for their leaders to die before naming streets after them, but the King is a young man.
Moroccans cannot wait that long.
There it was in black and white, in Latin script and Arabic: Avenue Mohammed VI.


Ils ont dis de lui :
"Moroccan King Mohammed VI is using a tolerant interpretation of the Koran in an attempt to modernize his country." Source

"The king, who wields huge executive powers, is entitled by law to pick anyone as prime minister whatever the results of the polls, in which no party is likely to win a large majority." Source

"King Hassan died in 1999. The current monarch is his son, King Mohammed VI. Like his father, King Mohammed has almost complete control over Morocco's government." Source

"Everybody who knows Mohamed VI knows that he is quick-tempered and impulsive." Source

Il a dit :
"Moroccans in Europe are peaceful, industrious people. They have never taken part in terrorist acts or used violence".Source

"There is a problem between Morocco and Algeria. There is no problem between Morocco and the Saharan-Arab Democratic Republic" Source

"I do very much admire [Algerian] President Abdelaziz Bouteflika...He is very pleasant and has a great sense of humor." Source